Motion designer & Videographer
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City of Vancouver -Branding and Video Storytelling

Vancouver Billboard, Mock up
Logo Design
SketchBook Storyboarding Process

City Of Vancouver

Branding and Video Story Telling

The project is about the life style in Vancouver BC. Everything happens in a day time. It shows the possibilities that city provide for public in a day time period.

It is a city that you can do different activities in same day. You can live different city lifestyle’s in one city. You can feel the nature and the city vibe. Skateboarding, snowboarding, hiking.. With the help of easy transportation you can reach almost everywhere in one day.

In this project I have worked on Branding and Video storytelling.

Client: City of Vancouver , Vancouver Film School

Credits :Art direction, Director, Sound Designer, Cinematographer, Editor

Softwares Used: After Effects, Premier, Audition, Adobe Dynamic Links, Illustrator.

Products Used: A7s ii Zhiyun Crane 2 Handheld Gimbal 700-200 f2.8 Sony Lens50 mm F2 Sony Lens21 mm T 1.4 Rokinon Lens